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An engaging and fun environment for children to learn and grow

Welcome to Learn and Play Hooray!


What to expect from your Learn and Play Hooray experience...
          Listening, Moving, Singing and Playing
Watch and enjoy as your child engage with other children.  While they are listening to direction and experiencing fun interactive songs, moving and dancing, and playing with the instruments they will grow and learn right before your eyes!
          Repetition and Routines          
Repetition and memorizing routines are foundations of early learning. Your child will build self-confidence and regulates behavior and feelings when they know what's coming next.  
Goodbye Ritual
My classes were created for the whole family.  Although my classes are geared towards early childhood development and parent bonding my goal is to create a sense of community for all.  My hope is that moms, dads and children will look forward having a fun an social experience each week.  Our goodbye ritual will be a time to connect with other families and for children to transition to the rest of their day.

Join us at The Mary Alice Warren Community Center in Lewisville N.C. for our fun & engaging classes.


Check out some of our exciting class offerings that you and your child are sure to love!

Day Care

Music to My Ears
A Music and Movement Class

Instructor:   Ms. Courtney

Age Group:  Multi Age 6-18months & 18months-3years

Time duration:  Class meets once weekly for 45 minutes


Come have fun at an interactive music class for you and your little ones. In this class your child will get a chance to play and interact with other children in the class.  You and your child will also be encouraged to sing, dance and even participate by playing along on instruments. As your child's skills progress, we add parachute play and balance activities! A fun time will be had by all during this interactive and engaging class.

Objective:  Social interaction/ Body awareness/ Phonological awareness

Materials:  Music/ Handouts /Instruments

Coming Soon...

StoryTime Crafts
Art and Literature

Instructor:  Ms. Courtney

Age Group: Multi Age 2-4

Time duration:  45 min


This class will consist of Storytime Art. This is an interdisciplinary approach to art and literature.  Our craft will revolve around the story we will read together at the start of each class. Each lesson is planned to expose the children to new books and authors, an element of art, art materials, and basic art skills. 


Focus on developing fine motor skills, learning colors, shapes and introducing them to art materials.


Project/Art/Craft Materials

Teacher with Pupils

Morning Circle Time
A mini preschool session

Instructor:  Ms. Courtney

Age Group:  Multi Age 3-4

Time duration:  45 minutes


Come have fun at an interactive class for you and your little ones. During our morning circle time we will read some of our favorite stories and sing some fun songs while learning about shapes, letters, numbers, days of the week, months and even the seasons/weather!  As this series of classes progress and your child learns we will continue to build onto the curriculum so they will continue to be engaged!


To help your child gain a foundation in early learning while interacting with other children. 

Materials:  Books/Manipulatives

Kids Playing with Balloons
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