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About The Teacher

My name is Courtney Cottone.  I am the mom of three young girls under the age of six. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I have always worked with young children from infants to school age.   I started in a daycare as an Assistant Teacher in a multi-age group setting.  I stayed in the Early Childhood field throughout my career.  13 years later I was the director of a large corporate learning center while expecting my first child.  Even though I left the field to stay home with my children, my passion for Early Childhood education never left me.  So, I created this wonderful program for you and your child to enjoy. 


My family and I recently moved to North Carolina and have always loved attending Mommy and Me classes in our hometown.  When I started to search for a local program, I found it difficult to find exactly what we were looking for.  So, I decided to create something fun and unique for everyone to enjoy.  I wanted it to be something that parents and children can look forward to coming to every week.  This program is designed to create a community and to help everyone make connections while bonding with their children.  While your child is playing, learning and making friends you can join in and enjoy the silliness for a while.  

What Parents Say

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